Guardians of our clients’ stories

19 Oct 2023

We value our clients’ confidentiality so highly and consider ourselves to be guardians of people’s stories.

It is not often we can share these stories but we have had a few private CUSTOM clients recently who are happy to share with us.

From the moment we meet a client either at our castle-like atelier or remotely by video call, the magic begins. From learning about family traditions and taking inspiration from both sides of their cultural heritage we create a family tartan and a story to go with it which will last the test of time.

This wonderful private CUSTOM design case study we are at liberty to share is a lovely family from the USA who commissioned Araminta Campbell to design a tartan exclusively for their son on his third birthday. Their son is represented in the cloth by the soft purple check with his parents are either side. The simplistic style of the design was drawn from existing tartan’s that the family saw during their time spent travelling around Scotland in 2022.

The cloth was woven for them as cashmere wide scarves, a cashmere blanket wrap, cashmere throws and into a Geelong weight cloth too and made up into Baker boy hats, cashmere wide scarves, a cashmere serape so far. We were thrilled to hear the response when their tartan treats arrived through the post:

“The first round of scarves arrived yesterday and they are absolutely stunning. I am deeply in love with them and as soon as the most recent interminable heatwave is over I will be sporting it daily. Truly incredible. I told our son that I had something special for us to look at and I opened them with him. He was disappointed they weren’t a toy, but I told him he will appreciate them as he gets older.

Honestly, I have enjoyed this process from start to finish. It has been amazing from meeting Araminta in Scotland to our tour of the Atelier in Edinburgh to receiving the first designs to now the final product. I could not be happier with it all. As well, everyone has been a joy to work and communicate with.”

We are especially thrilled when clients have enjoyed the journey not just the end destination: “I enjoyed the process very much. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to sit with Araminta and discuss the aspects that were important to me. I feel like this was an essential part of the process. Indeed. In the end, I think the final product was even better than I could have anticipated in the beginning. It was a thrill to see our tartan in real life. It felt like a “coming home.” The quality also exceeded my expectations. “

Nothing makes us happier than these wonderful reactions from our clients. And when clients like this family give us a wonderful recommendation too:

“I would absolutely recommend working with Araminta. From start to finish I enjoyed the process so much. I would encourage anyone who was thinking about embarking on this journey to definitely set aside the time to travel to Scotland and meet with Araminta, as well as to visit the atelier.”

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