Craft bespoke creations that weave the tale of your essence or brand, through handcrafted textiles and one-of-a-kind treasures perfect for gifting or retail.

Our clients range from hospitality venues and DMCs, to brands, retailers, interior designers and bespoke tailors through to private individuals and families.

With a choice of price points and quantities, we can help you produce anything from cashmere tartan scarves to tweed covered notebooks.

Our Clients

Exceptional events

For a unique and inspiring group experience, we regularly work with destination management companies to create memorable events that celebrate Scottish culture.

Visitors to our beautifully turreted Edinburgh Atelier can explore the entire weaving process from beginning to end; from sourcing British alpaca fleeces to weaving on traditional looms and the hand finishing process. Guests have the opportunity to meet the makers and designers of our textiles in a relaxed and intimate environment, while learning about Scotland’s fascinating weaving history.

Combine the experience with other activities, such as whisky tasting or seasonal cocktails to accommodate larger groups and create an event to remember. We can also arrange trunk shows or custom weaving showcases for larger events.


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