Tartan Tales: Bespoke Tartans for Mount St. Restaurant

30 Apr 2024

From Highlands to Mayfair

Araminta Campbell’s Bespoke Tartans for the Scottish Room at Mount St. Restaurant, London 

Araminta Campbell X Mount St | Scottish Room


A Highland Haven in Mayfair 

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, London sits the Mount St. Restaurant. Above the restaurant you can discover a collection of private rooms: four beautifully designed spaces each with its own story and available for private hire.  

The Scottish Room transports guests to the rich history of the Highlands. Inspired by the legacy of the Jacobite’s and the esteemed Fife Arms, and the surrounding rugged Scottish landscape, this space exudes a sense of tradition and opulence. At its core lies an exquisite bespoke tartan design in three colourways by the talented weaver and designer, Araminta Campbell, infusing the room with Scottish authenticity and character.


Crafting Tradition: Araminta Campbell’s Bespoke Tartans 

Crafted exclusively for The Scottish Room at Mount St. Restaurant, Araminta’s tartan designs pay homage to the Jacobite era, where tartan colours were derived from natural plant dyes, each hue a testament to the valued ancient skill. Through meticulous research and artistry, Araminta brings forth three distinct tartans, each with its own narrative and significance within the Scottish Room’s ambiance. 

The Audley Tartan: One Tartan Three Colourways 

The Audley Tartan in red serves as the main design, drawing inspiration from historical tartans of the Jacobite era. Cochineal, a precious dye extracted from beetles’ wings, creates the vibrant red tones, symbolising luxury and status. This tartan resonates with the legacy of Mount St. Restaurant, housed in a building registered as a pub in 1730, towards the twilight of the Jacobite era. 

Complementing the Audley Tartan Red is its counterpart, the Audley Hunting Tartan in a rich green. Evoking the lush landscapes of the Highlands, with its green hues achieved through the intricate process of top-dying with indigo, a coveted imported dye during the Jacobite era. It is a nod to the founders of the restaurant’s love for Scotland’s rugged landscape, captured in threads of pure inspiration. 

The Audley Tartans | Araminta Campbell x The Scottish Room

Adding a contemporary twist to tradition is the Audley Dress Tartan in bright green. Designed to be bold, this tartan incorporates terracotta tones reminiscent of the restaurant’s facade, crafted from the bark of Alder Buckthorn, a native UK plant. It is a vibrant tribute to the fusion of past and present, celebrating the enduring spirit of Scottish heritage. Within the Scottish Room, you’ll find each of the designs in diverse scales, reminiscent of the Jacobite tradition of combining different tartans. 


Weaving Narratives: Tartans as Storytellers 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Araminta’s tartans infuse the Scottish Room with depth and storytelling. Each thread weaves a narrative of history, culture, and craftsmanship, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the legacy of the Highlands. Paired with iconic elements like the dramatic antler chandelier and the portrait of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie,’ the tartans become a vital tapestry in the room’s rich tapestry of Scottish tradition. 


Preserving Heritage: The Art of Natural Dyes  

Araminta’s use of natural plant dyes underscores her commitment to sustainability and heritage preservation. By reviving ancient dyeing techniques, she not only creates exquisite designs but also honours the age-old craftsmanship that defines Scottish weaving. With a reverence for heritage and a passion for innovation, Araminta is constantly breathing new life into age-old techniques and ensuring their legacy endures. Her commitment goes beyond craftsmanship – it is rooted in the very essence of our brand.


Legacy of Craftsmanship: Honouring Scottish Artisan’s 

Alongside Araminta’s exclusive tartan design for the Scottish Room sits the work of other Scottish Artisans.  Illuminating the space is an impressive antler chandelier, a collaborative masterpiece designed by Laplace and created by Gareth Guy of the McLean Horn Shop in Braemar. Below, a magnificent 9-meter Scottish oak table, embellished with 38 intricate Jacobite cockades as a poignant tribute to the Glen Coe Massacre of 1692, serves as the focal point. Crafted with meticulous care by joinery artisan Kelvin Murray at Character Joinery, the bespoke ensemble of table, chairs, and glass-fronted cabinet embodies the enduring legacy of fine craftsmanship. 

Araminta Campbell’s bespoke tartans at Mount St. Restaurant stand as a testament to the enduring allure of Scottish heritage. Through her artistry, she brings history to life, infusing the Scottish Room with warmth, elegance, and a timeless sense of belonging. As guests gather around the hand-carved oak table adorned with Jacobite cockades, they are not just dining but embarking on a journey through the annals of Scottish lore. 


Meet Araminta: London Craft Week  

Witness firsthand the magic of Araminta’s craftsmanship. Hear her stories, feel her passion, and discover the beauty of Scotland woven into every exquisite creation at London Craft Week 2024. This is more than just a celebration of art—it’s a tribute to the enduring spirit of a land and its people, captured in threads of pure inspiration. Find out more about the event and secure your space here. 

London Craft Week 2024 | Meet Araminta Campbell | 15th April


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