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Step into the turreted Atelier and peruse our collection of the finest British alpaca handwoven pieces and meet our exceptional team of handweavers.


This experience takes you behind the scenes, offering a rare opportunity to witness the artistry and dedication that goes into creating exquisite textiles. Delight in the unique designs and intricate weaves that cannot be found anywhere else, engage with the artisans, gaining insight into their techniques and the stories woven into each masterpiece. Araminta Campbell is the largest producer of handwoven tartan in Scotland.

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The experience

By appointment we open our doors to guests from around the world, inviting you to experience the workings of a traditional weaving workshop. It’s also the perfect opportunity to find a unique gift or memento from your stay in Scotland.

Select items from our SIGNATURE collection of scarves and shawls, one-of-a-kind woven artworks inspired by the Scottish landscape, and all handwoven from the finest British alpaca on the looms seen in our atelier.

You can also commission your own custom tweed or tartan designs. After an initial consultation during your visit, we will further develop and then weave your design in Scotland to your specific requirements.

Insider Insights

“I went to the Araminta Campbell’s Atelier located near Queensferry and not far from Edinburgh Airport.  I was greeted warmly, like family, and was offered coffee as soon as I arrived.  I took a tour of the atelier and was explained how the process works, from the creation of the threads to the weaving of the precious pieces that are painstakingly made, all by hand on manual, antique looms by several young women who are dedicated to preserving the artisanal art of hand weaving!” – GP 

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