Handwoven Tartan Wide Scarf

Highlands at Dawn

180 X 48 CM


Introducing our breathtaking limited-edition handwoven wide tartan scarf, adorned in the beautiful Highlands at Dawn tartan design. Handwoven in our Edinburgh Atelier, each piece is lovingly handmade and finished by our small team of handweavers. Each handwoven tartan scarf is one in an edition of 12 pieces, made from a luxurious blend of carefully sourced 70% British alpaca, and 30% rose fibre. Each thread tells a story of tradition, nature, and timeless beauty.

Elevate your style with our luxurious tartan scarf, meticulously crafted to blend sophistication with comfort; a delightfully versatile accessory that can be worn as a scarf or a small shawl. Enjoy year-round comfort, lightweight yet cosy, it provides the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, making it suitable for all seasons. With its timeless tartan design and superior quality, our scarf will remain a cherished accessory in any wardrobe for years to come.

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Discover the essence of the Scottish Highlands in our Heritage Tartan designHighlands at Dawn. Renowned Scottish textile designer Araminta Campbell draws inspiration from her childhood holidays spent exploring the Scottish Highlands at her grandparent’s house and the glorious views during sunrise.  Within this tartan you can find the vast skies of the Highland’s, a breathtaking play of colours as the sun peeks over the horizon. Soft blues mingle with warm oranges and gentle greens, echoing the tranquil allure of dawn’s first light, with the deeper blue hinting at the silhouetted trees against the sunrise. 

Every colour, a testament to nature’s palette, lovingly obtained by Araminta through natural plant dyes including nettles, indigo, madder, onion skins and logwood. Embrace the artistry of nature, woven into every fibre of this tartan and immerse yourself in the Highlands’ rugged beauty and the gentle embrace of the sunrise. 

This tartan is the sister to Highlands at Dusk, sharing the same design but crafted in two distinct colourways that mirror the shifting landscape. 



  • 180 X 48 cm
  • Size detailed does not include tassels
  • Handwoven by our small team of handweavers in our Edinburgh Atelier
  • Hand stitched, brushed and finished
  • Specialist dry cleaning or enquire about our refresh service
  • Made from 70% British alpaca and 30% rose fiber
  • Free gift wrapping*

*All of our pieces come beautifully gift-wrapped in Araminta Campbell dove grey rustic cloth bags and gift box with the design story card inside and a QR code linked to more information into the collection and the brand. The perfect Scottish tartan gift for any occasion.

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