Crafting Tradition: Bespoke Tartans for 100 Princes Street

07 May 2024

100 Princes Street Hotel Bespoke Tartan Finishings

A Tale of Bespoke Tartans and Scottish Tradition at 100 Princes Street


Nestled in the heart of historic Edinburgh, you’ll find the 100 Princes Street Hotel, marking Red Carnation Hotels’ debut in Scotland. This new hotel pays tribute to Scotland’s rich heritage, with every detail carefully crafted to reflect its culture. In a seamless collaboration with Red Carnation Hotels, Araminta Campbell embarked on a journey to create five unique tartans, each echoing the essence of the hotel and the personalities intertwined with its story. 



Custom Designs: The Beauty of Collaboration 

At Araminta Campbell, the creative process for a custom design begins with a belief in the beauty of collaboration. Understanding the significance of individual narratives, Araminta worked directly with the Tollman family to create these bespoke tartan designs, inviting them to embark on a shared exploration, delving into their vision and preferred colours. Whether it’s a cherished memory or a family milestone, every detail is carefully considered to weave a story unique to each tartan. 

Guided by this collaborative spirit, the design process unfolds in three dynamic stages, each informed by client feedback. From initial sketches to refined iterations, Araminta and our creative team guide clients through a spectrum of possibilities, from fine tailoring to luxurious interiors.  

Inspiration behind Araminta Campbell's Bespoke Tartan for Princes Street Hotel

With the design perfected, our Scottish mill partners take the reins bringing each vision to life with unrivalled craftsmanship and quality materials, all overseen by Araminta and her creative team. It’s a testament to tradition meeting innovation, where centuries-old techniques merge seamlessly with contemporary vision, all while supporting the Scottish textile industry and its artisans. 

Crafting Tradition: Araminta Campbell’s Bespoke Tartans 

The 100 Princes Street Tartan, the official tartan of the hotel, embodies a sense of timeless elegance. With deep green, navy, black, brown, and bolts of red delicately woven into its design, it pays homage to the Red Carnation Group and its first Scottish Hotel.  

Named after the visionary designer of the hotel, The Brennan Tartan exudes a captivating allure with its deep green and navy hues with bolts of pale blue and grey-pink checks. It encapsulates the essence of creativity and innovation that defines the hotel’s aesthetic. 

Princes Street Edinburgh - Bespoke Tartans by Araminta Campbell

Lourie, a bold tartan with bright green, dark navy and intricate red checks, pays homage to Mrs Tollman’s maiden name. Its vibrant palette reflects the warmth and hospitality that are at the core of the hotel’s ethos.

Tollman Tartan, crafted to honour the founder and chairman, embodies a sense of depth and mystery. With its dark greens, blues, and reds, combined with intricate checks of light blue, it captures the essence of leadership and vision.

Araminta Campbell's Bespoke Tartan Designs for 100 Princes Street Edinburgh

Swerling, named after the founder and chairman’s mother, evokes a sense of opulence and tradition. Its rich green hues, ranging from emerald to dark green, adorned with delicate white checks, celebrate the heritage and legacy that underpin the hotel’s ethos. 



Weaving Together Past and Present 

These bespoke tartans, each a piece of art in its own right, serve as a bridge between the past and the present, weaving together the threads of history, culture, and Scottish craftsmanship. Through their intricate patterns and rich colours, they invite guests to embark on a journey of discovery, where every corner reveals a new facet of Scottish heritage. Whether you are drawn by the allure of our bespoke tartans, the promise of unparalleled comfort, or Edinburgh’s historic charm, a stay at 100 Princes Street promises to be an exceptional experience.  

100 Princes Street Bespoke Tartans Designed by Araminta Campbell

Experience the magic of bespoke design with Araminta Campbell

Discover the art of bespoke creation with Araminta Campbell. If you are longing to infuse your style and personality into a custom design, reach out to us below. Together, we will embark on an unforgettable journey of artisanry and innovation. 


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