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Combining a personal approach, creative vision and the finest craftsmanship, our custom service helps you to create unique designs, taking your brief from concept to completion.

We can use your family history, notable events and beloved places to craft designs that tell your story. Later choose to have your own tweed or tartan woven into fabric, use the design to create bespoke pieces of luggage, clothing and soft furnishings, or keep your design as a legacy to pass down through generations.

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Traditionally worn to identify members of the same family or ‘clan’, tartan is now an iconic part of Scottish identity, used by fashion designers, brands and organisations worldwide to hark back to centuries of Scottish heritage.

A tartan design consists of a pattern of intersecting lines and squares known as a sett, woven in a maximum of six solid colours. These can be produced in a number of different colour palettes to create variations such as dress, ancient and hunting. While many of our clients are keen to celebrate their own Scottish ancestry, you don’t have to be of Scottish descent to have your own tartan created for you or your family.

Araminta has produced new designs for families, organisations and interior designers, as well as reproducing existing clan tartans that would have otherwise been difficult to source. We can work with you to ensure your design meets the criteria for registration with the Scottish Register of Tartans.


Early tweeds were a hardwearing cloth, handwoven locally using wools in natural colours. Originally worn in rural communities, some tweed designs later became associated with particular country estates. These estate tweeds have gone on to be worn by workers, families, sporting enthusiasts and even the Royal Family, offering protection from the elements, as well as a sense of identity and connection to the land.

A tweed design can be composed of many different patterns, from herringbone and overchecks to houndstooth and stripes. Tweed is created using flecked yarns, giving the finished tweed a softer, more earthy look than a tartan.

Araminta Campbell has worked with individuals, estates and brands to create new tweed designs that reflect a landscape or identity. In addition, she’s helped to restore or refresh old tweed designs, ensuring new generations can carry a historic design into the future.

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Create designs that tell your brand story, with custom cloth and unique products.

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