Autumn Woodland Walk Tartan Scarf

25 x 200 CM


Introducing our breathtaking Limited-Edition Millwoven Tartan Scarf, adorned in the newly launched Autumn Woodland Walk tartan design. Millwoven in the heart of Scotland using 100% lambswool carefully sourced, with unparalleled artistry, each thread tells a story of tradition, nature, and timeless beauty.  

Elevate your style with our Luxurious Tartan Scarf, meticulously crafted to blend sophistication with comfort. Enjoy year-round comfort, lightweight yet cosy, it provides the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, making it suitable for all seasons. With its timeless tartan design and superior quality, our scarf will remain a cherished accessory in any wardrobe for years to come. 

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Step into the heart of Scotland’s natural beauty with our Heritage Tartan design, Autumn Woodland Walk. Crafted by our founder and esteemed Scottish textile designer Araminta Campbell, this exquisite tartan captures the essence of the beech woodlands surrounding her family home in the Royal Deeside Corridor during Autumn

This tartan features a stunning array of rich oranges, deep reds, and vibrant greens, inspired by the breathtaking view through the trees. It artfully depicts the deep, rich hues of rain-soaked tree trunks coated with vivid green moss, the vibrant mosaic of orange and red leaves carpeting the forest floor, and the brilliant canopy of autumn foliage. Every colour is a testament to nature’s palette, lovingly obtained by Araminta through natural plant dyes harvested from the surrounding landscape. Embrace the artistry of nature, woven into every fibre of this tartan, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Scotland’s untouched landscape. Picture the crisp air, the soothing sound of small natural waterfalls, the crackling sound of the carpet of fallen leaves under foot, and the serene, timeless beauty of an autumn woodland walk.

This tartan is the sister to Beech Dappled Skies sharing the same design but crafted in two distinct colourways that mirror the shifting landscape of the woodlands throughout the seasons.

  • 25 x 200 cm  
  • Size detailed includes tassels 
  • Millwoven in one of our partner Artisan mills in Scotland  
  • Free gift wrapping*  
  • 100%  lambswool scarf 
  • Cleaning: Specialist dry cleaning recommended  

*All of our pieces come beautifully gift-wrapped in Araminta Campbell dove grey rustic cloth bags with the design story card inside and a QR code linked to more information into the collection and the brand. The perfect Scottish tartan gift for any occasion! 

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