Highlands at Dusk Tartan Serape

140 x 180


Introducing our breathtaking Limited-Edition Mill Woven Tartan Serape, adorned in the charming Highlands at Dusk tartan design. Mill woven in the heart of Scotland using 100% British lambswool carefully sourced, with unparalleled artistry, each thread tells a story of tradition, nature, and timeless beauty.  

With its artisanal craftsmanship and impeccable quality, this tartan serape isn’t just a Scottish accessory — whether used as a fashionable layering piece or as a decorative accent in your home, our serape provides warmth, comfort, and endless styling possibilities. Elevate your look with ease, whether paired with casual or formal attire, it adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to any outfit. Treat yourself or someone special to this timeless piece. 

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Journey into the heart of the Scottish Highlands in our Heritage Tartan design, Highlands at Dusk. Renowned Scottish textile designer Araminta Campbell found inspiration from her childhood holidays spent exploring the Scottish Highlands at her grandparent’s house and the gorgeous views during sunset. This tartan captures the breathtaking drama as the Scottish highland skies deepen into dusk. A display of stunning dark blues interwoven with a bold red overcheck, mirroring the rugged mountain silhouettes against the setting sun. The clouds catch fire with warm tones that slowly fade into gentle greys, a sight that never fails to leave Araminta in awe. 

Araminta’s artistry shines through in her use of natural plant dyes, where every drop is carefully harnessed to create varying depths of colour. The vibrant reds come from rich logwood and cochineal, saturating the yarn, while the delicate pinks emerge as the yarn absorbs the last whispers of dye. Oak bark and gallnuts lend their hues to complete this tapestry of colours. Immerse yourself in the Highland’s rugged beauty and the warm embrace of the sunset. 

This tartan is the sister to Highlands at Dawn sharing the same design but crafted in two distinct colourways that mirror the shifting landscape. 

  • 140 x 180 cm  
  • Mill Woven in one of our partner Artisan mills in Scotland  
  • Free gift wrapping*  
  • 100% lambswool serape 
  • Cleaning: Specialist dry cleaning recommended  
  • Care: Hard brush, going in the direction of the pile 

*All of our pieces come beautifully gift-wrapped in Araminta Campbell dove grey rustic cloth bags with the design story card inside and a QR code linked to more information into the collection and the brand. The perfect Scottish tartan gift for any occasion! 

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